Today the village has about 300 residents. In July and August hundreds of tourists come to Sinemorets but even at the high season, the long beaches and open horizons give you enough space for relaxation, peace and closeness to the sea, the hot sand, the woods and the meadows of Strandja.

It is difficult to believe that such a small village like Sinemorets offers so many different beaches, each with its own charm and hidden treasures. We’ve made a list of our favorites, so choose the one that suits you and splash in!

Butamyata Beach is 3 minutes walking from the hotel, and is one of the best and most easily accessible beaches in Sinemorets. It is ideal for families with young children as it has shallow, very warm waters. In Greek “butamya” means pasture, while „potamya” means river, and you can hear both nicknames. Butamyata beach offer all the modern comforts – umbrellas, sunbeds, numerous places where you can grab a bite or a drink.

About 15 min walk north from the hotel, you will find Veleka river. The river exits Strandja Nature Park and forms a beautiful estuary as it flows in the sea. The view of the sand beach that is formed as the river flows parallel to the sea is unforgettable. The water is deep and the waves are strong, so this beach is not for beginner swimmers, but due to the cleansing effect of fresh water it is one of the cleanest. There is an organized windsurfing school there and as well as hip beach bars and even a yoga platform. No matter your age we recommend you to take a trip down the sand bar separating the sea from the river. It is a unique experience!

Lipite beach is accessible by a 20-minute stroll along coast on a path beginning from the southeast edge of the Butamyata beach. It is an unbelievable place – a large beach with very clean water and fine sand. The water is shallow and calm so Lipite is perfect for children, but keep in mind that it is a wild beach and there are no elements of civilization. When you plan to go to Lipite you should bring water, food and umbrella with you (we provide umbrellas free of charge), especially if you plan to stay for hours on the beach. If you bring your camera to Lipite Beach you can capture many bizarre rock formations – The Split Rock, Dove Cave, Stone of Sisyphus. Just give yourself a few hours and your imagination will find all sorts of animals, faces and bodies all around you.

Care for something wilder? No problem. Put on your hiking shoes, take food and water for the day . About 4 km south of the hotel is Listi Beach. It is accessible only on foot, along a path along the coast, passing by Butamyata and Lipite Beach. Even though the beach is surrounded by forest (listi in Bulgarian means leaves), its name actually comes from the ancient Greek work for pirate or robber. And when you reach the area surrounding the beach, called the Canyon it is difficult not to feel like one, looking at all the vertical rocks guarding the little bay housing the Listi Beach.

You can reach Silistar beach via a side road about 5 km on the left along the road from Sinemorets to the southernmost point of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast – the village of Rezovo. It is a dirt road though the park that ends on a large meadow with a poignant views of the sea. Named after Silistar river, the beach has long been a favorite spot for many Bulgarians. The beach itself is relatively large and wide. It used to be a wild beach until just a few years ago, but now has all the modern tourist comforts, with umbrellas, a restaurant and couple beach bars and water sports. What draws so many people to this remote area is the shallow and warm sea, the soft sand and the unbelievable scenery and rocks surrounding the beach. Silistar bay is certainly one of the most beautiful beaches you will ever see.